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BNS They hold high ranks, sales and trading md salary prospering businesses, receive large wages, and own expensive cars and homes which they have earned throughout their careers in the public sector, and yet they receive allowance andrew forrest bitcoin aussie system other financial benefits from other countries, especially Romania or Russia.

This is translation from Romanian.

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The original story is HERE. This story is about state secretaries, heads of national agencies, managers of state-owned enterprises, and even lawmakers. Big wages in Moldova are not an obstacle to claim Romanian allowances Radu Bezniuc, director of the Moldovan Civilian Aeronautical Authority, has declared more thanlei in salary earnings inhis tax report papers suggest. His wife, who serves in the public sector, too, as a legal advisor to the head of the Moldovan National Bank, raised almostlei the same year.

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The Bezniucs earn more thanlei a month 5, euros. They also sold a Toyota Corolla sedan for just 7, lei!

sales and trading md salary

The Bezniucs also own an intra-city land plot, an square-meter apartment, an individual home of square meters, and a Toyota Auris hatchback, which they acquired in for 14, euros. In bank accounts they keeplei and euros.

In spite of being among the best-paid public entity managers in Moldova, Mr. Bezniuc received in a monthly allowance of Romanian lei for child care.


In Romania he also founded two firms, which he declared non-working. Dan Mitriuc, head of the national telecom corporation Moldtelecom, raised a child care allowance from Romania amounting to 2, Romanian lei.

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In Mr. Mitriuc earned a sales and trading md salary oflei in wages and his wife contributed anotherlei to the family budget. The head of Moldtelecom also counts in peoperty an intra-city land plot, two apartments of 72 and bitcoin trader shark tank mexic capitulo meters respectively, a house of square meters worth 3.

He also uses three cars — a BMW and two Toyotas. Her husband and she earned more thanlei from various activities in Anastasia Oceretnîi also owns an intra-city land plot and a Kia motor car. She declared no private homes to btc 01. Ion Haralampov, director of Moldsilva Forestry Agency, and her husband earned together more thanlei in Additionally, he raised in benefits from the Moldovan Fiscal Service some 6, lei and 2, Romanian lei from the Romanian state.

The Haralampovs live in an apartment of their own that covers square meters. – locuri de muncă în R. Moldova

Roman Cazan, deputy secretary-general of the Government, received 3, Romanian lei in allowances for three children. The sources of his earnings also include a financial award from the Public Property Agency after winning a property litigation with the state, parental care allowance for two children, child birth allowance for two children, social support indemnity, rental of peoperty, and private donations.

The official also owns a motor car, two fields, one commercial hall, a square-meter villa, and two apartments of 46 and, respectively, 98 square meters. Democratic lawmaker Dumitru Diacov, too, received pension benefits from another country. Along with a totallei in wage from his parliamentary activity, a pension, and rental of a building for the Democratic Party, Mr. Diacov receivedroubles in pension benefits from Sales and trading md salary equivalent of 42, Moldovan lei.

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The lawmaker also owns a field, an apartment, and a house, the real estates being either inherited by or donated to Mr. Advertisement Diacov. He also has deposits oflei, 4, euros, and 10, dollars, in Moldovan bank accounts. On the other hand, Alexandr Comarov, a socialist member of the Chisinau Municipal Council, received 75, Ukrainian hrivnas 48, lei a year in andin the form of pension benefits.

Shareholder at a Russian giant Ruslan Malai, director of the Public Acquisitions Agency, is an associate and co-founder in 11 firms abroad. Ten of these he registered in the United States, all for sales of pharmaceuticals.

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Malai controls shares in it. Mechel in turn controls 11 enterprises across the Russian Federation, in Lithuania, Ukraine, and Romania, often via offshore companies. Ruslan Malai has not revealed any dividends which the firms where sales and trading md salary holds shares might had paid. He also owns a motor car, three apartments, and a garage.

sales and trading md salary

The manager also develops private businesses in Moldova and in Romania. Voluța owns half of the Romanian firm, which counts a statutory capital of 10, Romanian lei. Ion Voluța also owns a construction field, a house, an apartment, one garage, and three motor cars. In he borrowed 30, euros and the debt is due to mature in Moldovan lawmakers are not prone to doing business as well.

sales and trading md salary

This company was a wholesaler of agri-food and strong drinks and is currently out of business. Moldprodinvest SRL in turn controls the Budapest Trade Center in the capital and a flower market in front of this center. Răducan owns five agrifields which are being leased and lives in a square-meter mansion he rents probably from himself. In he received donations totaling 6, euros from his son Gicu Răducan. Another Democratic lawmaker, Nicolai Dudoglo, is, sales and trading md salary, involved in a foreign business.

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His wife founded an individual enterprise called Tatiana Dudoglo. The Hungarian firm is managed by Pavel Dudoglo, his brother who lives in Hungary.

By accident or purposely, Nicolai Dudoglo mispelled the name of his firm in Hungary recomandarea comerțului bitcoin the property declaration.