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Predictie pe pretul Bitcoin de 300.000 de dolari

Crypto-currencies The bitcoin quotes are between two trend lines and as they narrow, the volatility of the cryptocurrency also decreases.

By and large, BTC is now moving sideways, which is also clearly seen in the illustration.

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Thus, we believe that today or tomorrow, Bitcoin will try to get out of this triangle, which may lead to a stronger movement than what we have seen in recent days. Thus, it remains only peter brandt crypto find out which of the trend lines will overcome the "digital gold".

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At the same time, the world-renowned trader Peter Brandt almost completely repeated our conclusions on bitcoin and its peter brandt crypto. First, Brandt called for investing in bitcoin only the money that investors are willing to lose.

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Nevertheless, it seems that the trader himself is inclined to believe that Bitcoin will continue to fall. Plus, the fundamental background remains sharply negative for bitcoin low.

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There are also those who soberly assess the situation. We have the opportunity to work out not only the growth of bitcoin, but also its fall. Therefore, when the corresponding signals appear, we recommend selling the cryptocurrency. Technically, bitcoin on the 4-hour timeframe went into a kind of flat.

The quotes are still between the two trend lines. Thus, in the near future, the "spring" may straighten and the market will move with renewed vigor in one direction. The only question is, which one? These signals can be used to open corresponding positions.

Miercuri, 24 Martieora Predictiile pe pretul Bitcoin apar in fiecare zi, iar specialistii in criptomonede se intrec sa le dea, desi uneori apar mesaje contradictorii in piata.

Paolo Greco.