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Not 7million like it says on CoinMarketCap. Very professional.

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Intense Investor Acum 4 Zile Octacoin vs bitcoin look into it. Thanks Davie Watkins Acum 5 Zile Intense Investor Acum 4 Zile Little over a month I also have been watching those rather similar from MStarTutorials and kinda wonder how you guys make these vids.

MStar Tutorials also had cool information about similiar make octacoin vs bitcoin online things on his channel.

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Intense Investor Acum 4 Zile Just did a lot of research He made a fortune for himself some years ago. Not long ago, such services have appeared that allow copying the results of professionals.

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This individual clearly shows how to copy him in automatic mode using such services. We gotta try while the market is on the rise.

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It's the same reason centralized exchanges are trying to come out with their own grid bots. This current sideways market has been making great bot profits. I would be sure to check the trailing up feature. I'm not running stop loss setting or take profit setting either because sometimes a really long flash wick will set those off.

Tanuj Acum 6 Zile Been using bitsgap for a month. Cryptohopper was causing me too much stress just setting it up and making it profitable Intense Investor Acum 6 Zile Yeah Cryptohopper has lots of settings.

Killer whale strategies worked pretty well for Cryptohopper.

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DEX strats seemed good as well. Intense Investor Acum 6 Zile Thanks so much for your support! Seems like making fewer smart trades might keep more value of my coins? Thank you!!!

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Intense Investor Acum 6 Zile I will look into this. Happy Hunting!!! Pls I need your help on how to connect my trust wallet with pancakebunny.

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Or it's a must for me to use metamask before I can connect it. Intense Investor Acum 6 Zile great!


Joshua Ayomide Acum 8 Zile Thanks so much. Don't use Google or IE browser. Intense Investor Acum 11 Zile Will do.

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Intense Investor Acum 11 Zile More to come! Any thoughts?

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If the value of that ADA goes down like it's been doing then your overall investment amount will show negative or lower if the bot profit is not enough to offset this. There are so many other options popping up now and people are greedy for that yield.

The overall market is still in fear, but people have been octacoin vs bitcoin greedy on the farms I ran it on all 4 pairs when i started with it but it only would trade on the EURUSD cumparati bitcoin vindem si trade even though I was running it on the 4 different pairs it came with.

That seems to give me pretty good results. You can see the monthly profit breakdown on myfxbook link in pinned comment for profit results each month. The reverse trades have so far been successful that it has done with the octacoin vs bitcoin that Im using.

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Some people might use higher settings but they risk using up all their free margin and getting margin called by their broker. Better to play it safe. Tore him apart, in a nice way. Intense Investor Acum 17 Zile lol yeah sure did sarah heyer Acum 17 Zile what happens if you set your lower octacoin vs bitcoin and it falls below that?

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If price action moves upward and you have "trailing up" option enabled then the grid will rebuild, but it does not do that going down. You just have to wait on the coin to hopefully rise up in value again and get back onto the grid.

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This is why I stress to use good coins, because crap coins will often stay down and not come back up. Christine Acum 18 Zile Question can if i invest 1k or so octacoin vs bitcoin many bots can i run and for how much?